Composer / Pianist

Those Moments In Life is about psychological moments and emotional processes we all need to go through in life. Beautiful moments, difficult, painful moments and more. Those Moments In Life is here to enjoy and to heal.


Debut album, released December, 2017

Saskatchewan, his recent solo debut album, is the first in a range of several yet-to-be-released piano albums. Inspired by his surroundings, Martèn named the album after the Canadian region of Saskatchewan, where he found himself enchanted by, among others, a small-town cathedral and the incredible natural world. A number of the tracks on his new album, songs such as Nipawin, Pinehouse and Beauval, are named after places where Martèn played while traveling. Martèn LeGrand strives to take his listeners on a journey, transporting them to beautiful and serene locations by way of his melodic compositions.